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Introducing Loggly Derived Fields

Featuring Hector Angulo, Loggly

Loggly derived fields offer a new capability in which users can specify custom parsing rules to inject context into or fully structure any log or selected log parts during the ingestion process. In this webinar, we’ll show you how derived fields:

  • Enable you to define context or structure once and reuse that intelligence every time you need to find answers in your logs
  • Give Loggly a way to automatically parse any log (even legacy logs with fixed structures) at ingestion time so your data is already structured the way you need it whenever you log in
  • Let you extract different, customized views of the same log data without relying on your logs’ structure or changing the existing data
  • Allow team members to share their derived field definitions and benefit from each other’s knowledge about what the logs mean


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Remove the Grunt Work in Log Analysis with Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer

Loggly DFE

If you’re starting your troubleshooting with trial-and-error queries, you’re wasting valuable time and effort. In this webinar, we will explore actual customer use cases and do a live demo to show you how to:

  • Determine the source of an operational problem or bug before you perform a single search
  • Supercharge your manual searches
  • Immediately understand a problem’s impact on your users
  • Do sanity checks on the health of your application

Jonathan Keith, development manager for Monex Insight, a brokerage application serving more than 1.5 million consumers, will share his team’s methods for using Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ for troubleshooting and debugging their application.

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How to Put Loggly to Work for Your Team

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Introducing Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM

Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer WebinarLoggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM is a new, real-time log management user experience that fundamentally changes how developers and DevOps teams perform operational troubleshooting. Join Hector Angulo, Head of Product at Loggly, to see Dynamic Field Explorer’s and learn about its use cases and capabilities. See the new way that Loggly:

  • Automatically parses your logs as they are received
  • Dynamically generates summaries of identified fields and their inherent structure so you don’t have to hunt for names or spellings
  • Instantly identifies most common values and anomalies for every field in your log data
  • Enables quick and precise filtering and searches

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