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Another Record Quarter for Loggly

I am thrilled that Loggly has just achieved another record quarter. We have surpassed all of our growth targets achieved record bookings, revenue, and customer growth. And in more exciting news, we have now passed the 5,000 customer mark!  As we get ready to build on this growth in Q2, I’d like to share our recipe […]

Did Splunk Just Surrender on SaaS?

Today, it appears that Splunk has thrown in the towel on Software as a Service (SaaS) and replaced Splunk Storm with a hosted software model.  We were always skeptical that a company with such a phenomenally successful enterprise software business would disrupt its own business with a serious SaaS offering.  And with today’s announcement of […]

A Bright New Day: Second Generation Loggly

Since I arrived at Loggly at the end of March in 2012, I’ve felt extraordinarily blessed to be part of something big, special and fun. This week has been a new high point, and the “before” and “after” images below show how far we have come, and what our team was working on. After a […]