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Lessons Learned from Using Regexes At Scale

Regexes: With Great Power Comes a Great Downside One day, you may find yourself wanting to use regexes to parse a large amount of data. You might even want to build a feature that exposes regexes to your users. Regexes are pretty sweet, and who wouldn’t want to enhance their product with the power of […]

Five Invaluable Techniques to Improve Regex Performance

Regular expressions are powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. Because of the way most regex engines work, it is surprisingly easy to construct a regular expression that can take a very long time to run. In my previous post on regex performance, I discussed why and under what conditions certain regexes take forever […]

Regexes: The Bad, the Better, and the Best

A Story about How Just a Few Characters Can Make Such a Big Difference in Performance Regular expressions are incantations that we developers wield mightily when the time calls. Yet, do we always wield them deftly? Regular expressions are a delicate and precise language. They are crafted with careful deliberation into powerful forces that level […]

Pyladies at Loggly: Why Java Engineers Also Love Python

Last week, Loggly hosted a PyLadies meetup where I, Liz Bennett the Java engineer, gave a talk to a room full of Python enthusiasts. For those who don’t know, PyLadies is an international organization focused on increasing women’s participation in the Python community through mentorship, outreach, education, conferences, and social gatherings. When I was approached with […]