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Remove Dashboard Blind Spots with Dynamic Field Explorer

Operating a Complex Web Application Requires a Bird’s-Eye View of Logs When you’re running a cloud-based service in production, there’s a lot that can go wrong – and likewise, a lot to keep your eyes on. Most developers and operations professionals understand that summaries of “what’s going on” are more valuable than trying to make […]

Are You Wasting the Power of Your Regexes?

The Fallacy That Log Analysis = Search When people visualize a log management solution, they often think of a bunch of logs and a search box. After all, that’s what most log management vendors focus on. They are investing in putting more and more power into the search box with their own custom search syntax […]

Introducing Loggly Derived Fields

Unstructured Log Data Usually Leads to Constrained Log Analysis It’s no secret that the more structured and detailed your log data is, the less stressful your troubleshooting will be during times of need. However, a significant amount of your log data is likely not organized into separate data elements and, even worse, was likely created […]

To Build or Buy? Five Factors in the Cost of Log Management

  Speed Drives Success for Cloud-Centric Businesses Loggly customers are a smart bunch of developers, DevOps gurus, and CTOs who are taking full advantage of the speed and economies of scale that cloud technologies bring to their businesses. They know that the key to their success is moving fast and generating scale before the competition […]

Introducing Numerics Support in Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer

More than four months after the launch of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™, I continue to get amazing feedback from Loggly customers about how this feature is supercharging the insight they receive even from simple searches and truly changing the way they think about and consume their logs. Many describe the big “aha” moment that came […]

How the New Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer Streamlines Log Analysis and Fundamentally Changes How DevOps Solves Operational Issues

After months of hard work and weeks of positive feedback from early adopter customers, I am thrilled that Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM is available to all Loggly customers. Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer is a new, real-time log management user experience that fundamentally changes how developers and DevOps teams perform log analysis and operational troubleshooting. Operational […]