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8 Handy Tips to Consider When Logging in JSON

Logging in JSON transforms your logs from raw text lines to a database of fields you can search, filter, and analyze.  This gives you way more power than you would get with only raw logs. Why Use JSON? JSON makes it easier to search and analyze your data. Say this is a portion of your […]

Quick and Easy Monitoring of Amazon ELB

Many high-volume applications and websites depend on Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to improve their scalability and fault tolerance. In addition to automatically routing traffic across instances and Availability Zones, Amazon ELB detects unhealthy instances and reroutes traffic to the healthy instances that remain. The Loggly application pack for Classic ELB makes it easier for […]

Using Loggly For Troubleshooting Bugs In Your Code

Troubleshooting errors or exceptions in code is one of our customers’ top use cases. In this video, I go through a troubleshooting process with a hypothetical e-commerce site, where a bug could be costing the company thousands of dollars. We need to fix it fast! Why Use Loggly for Troubleshooting? Troubleshooting with Loggly: Accelerates time […]

Five Insights on Cloud and Continuous Delivery Adoption

Last month I participated in an online panel on the subject of Cloud Resources and Your CD Pipeline, as part of Continuous Discussions (#c9d9), a series of community panels about Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. You can watch a recording of the panel: Continuous Discussions is a community initiative by Electric Cloud, which powers Continuous Delivery […]

Introducing Support for Percentiles and Other Statistics

Loggly now provides four newly supported advanced views of timeline trends to give you more detailed insight when you’re looking at numerical data. In Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ and the timeline trend view, you can now see variance, standard deviation, sum of squares, and percentile statistics. For example, the image below shows a plot of the […]

Introducing New Derived Fields Capability

At Loggly, we listen closely to what our users have to say. One of our most requested features for derived fields is the ability to create new custom parsed fields from other parsed fields, or data that was already automatically parsed. We’re excited to share that you can now extract data from your JSON fields, […]

Announcing Local Timezone Support

We’re excited to announce a few changes happening to Loggly midday today that will help simplify the logging process. The first is that we’ve added local timezone support. Say goodbye to converting timezones in your head! Log events will now display in your local timezone, making it easier to read events, trends, and dashboards. Even […]