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Scaling Elasticsearch for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Cluster

When you start building infrastructure on Elasticsearch (ES), the first architecture usually assumes you can run a single ES cluster. This is the easiest way to get started: Just spawn a cluster and go. A typical search-based application looks like this: Any modern architecture will be designed for scalability and resiliency, so each stage should […]

To ELK or Not to ELK? That Is the Question

Why Elastic Stack / ELK Is a Trending Topic in Log Management Since the time that Elastic launched the ELK stack in 2015 and renamed it Elastic Stack earlier this year, it has generated a fair amount of interest from developers and DevOps teams. Many Loggly customers have evaluated the Elastic Stack on the road […]

Introducing the Enigmatic Logging Handbook

Any software engineer who has worked in a software development team or who has looked at their own code from a year or two (or ten) ago will know what I mean when I say that there are at least as many approaches to logging as there are people who log. Factor in what needs […]

Learn How to Do No B*LLSH*T Benchmarking

Every development team should benchmark its software to understand how it performs and what its performance envelope looks like — that is, where things start to break down. If you’re running a growing business in the cloud, you just can’t deliver good scalability, reliability, and performance without this insight. Our new white paper illustrates many […]

Check Out My New Pragmatic Logging eBook

Why is Instrumentation Part of a Pragmatic Approach to Running Cloud-Based Applications? In past blog posts, I have written about the importance of instrumentation. If you’re not sure what instrumentation is, it’s the ability to monitor or measure the level of an application’s performance, to diagnose errors, and to capture informative messages about the execution […]

Search 101

In a world where search is everywhere and in a part of the world where everyone seems to be tech-savvy, you would think that everyone would have at least a basic understanding of the principles of search technology. And this is true, but only up to a point. Every now and then, I give a […]

Loggly Q&A: Unearthing the Value of Dark Data

Jon Gifford is Loggly’s Chief Search Officer. We spoke with him today about the concept of dark data, and why it’s a hidden gold mine to unify IT and business. Jon fell in love with search when he realized that it was the best way of manipulating huge amounts of messy, constantly evolving data. For […]