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#LogglyGDC: Powering-up at GDC16

We had a great time at the Game Developers Conference last week! The Loggly team had good discussions with awesome gamers interested in our newest features: Anomaly Detection, customized parsing with Derived Fields and Derived Tags and – our newest addition – Loggly Live Tail. (Pssst, did you know Loggly Live Tail is now in-browser, if […]

How to Monitor Logs with Loggly Live Tail and Datadog

Introduction A log management tool like Loggly has become an essential part of the operational infrastructure for monitoring cloud-based applications. In an application stack made up of clusters of multiple machines, logging into an individual machine is inconvenient at best, and even infeasible in cases where a cluster would have a large number of machines, […]

Highlights from #FutureStack15

We’re officially back in the office and catching our breath from our sing-a-long session with Weird Al Yankovic and the rest of the Data Nerds squad. Big thanks to New Relic for a great event! As you heard in our blog post announcing the event, New Relic and Loggly are highly complementary solutions. To make integrating the […]

re:Invent 2015 re-cap: Hoover has cabin fever!

And…we’re back! The Loggly team had a great time at this year’s show (and so did Hoover, as you can see below!) and we wanted to share some highlights from our experience. Cabin fever, new features, demos and limited-edition shirts – oh my! We had a blast hanging at Hoover’s log cabin for the week […]

30 Software Solutions in Our DevOps Toolkit

Earlier this year, I gave more than 200 eager participants a look inside the DevOps toolkit at Zumba during an informative webinar hosted by Loggly, New Relic, and PagerDuty. You can watch the webinar here: During the session, I mentioned that Zumba uses 30 different software solutions and tools to keep all of our web […]

42 Podcasts for Developers and Programmers

It’s tough to stay up to speed on everything that’s happening with software development today, so I find podcasts to be incredibly useful. I can listen to a podcast while I’m commuting, at the gym, or when I have an extra few minutes of down time. We assembled the list below to help you find […]