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9 Tips on ElasticSearch Configuration for High Performance

The Loggly service utilizes ElasticSearch (ES) as the search engine underneath a lot of our core functionality. As Jon Gifford explained in his recent post on ElasticSearch vs Solr, log management imposes some tough requirements on search technology. To boil it down, it must be able to: Reliably perform near real-time indexing at huge scale – […]

5 Very Real Logging Struggles

Logs have been around almost as long as computers and are always at the core of applications. As SaaS, big data, and IoT applications have grown, so have their logs. People are solving big problems and making key product decisions based on logs that are often a complete mess. Even though logging is an important […]

Building a SaaS Service for an Unknown Scale: Part 2

In my last post, I made a case for how scalability and reliability have a new meaning in the SaaS world and shared two important building blocks for SaaS success: Creating an architecture that’s not only multitenant but also made up of stateless components that can scale easily, with data processing lanes and service governors […]

Building a SaaS Service for an Unknown Scale: Part 1

Last summer, I spoke at the Seattle AWS Architects & Engineers Meetup. It was a great opportunity to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years of building SaaS products, and I was thrilled that the presentation was very well received. Looking back at the questions people asked and the feedback I […]

Six Critical SaaS Engineering Mistakes to Avoid

Before I joined Loggly as CTO and VP of Engineering, I spent years building no less than seven different cloud-based products. This experience taught me a really important lesson. “Failing to prepare for failure is costly… but failing to prepare for success can be even worse.” From my perspective, I’ve identified six critical SaaS engineering […]

Loggly Security Update on HeartBleed CVE Vulnerability

As widely reported, an exploit known as OpenSSL HeartBleed CVE has taken the Internet by a storm by creating a vulnerability that could allow attackers access to personal data. At Loggly, we went to work immediately after the original announcement. We have now completed the remediation for this vulnerability as per the HeartBleed bug website. Here […]

Apache Storm: What We Learned About Scaling & Pushing the Performance Envelope

Log management isn’t easy to do at scale. We designed Loggly Gen2 using the latest social-media-scaletechnologies—including ElasticSearch, Kafka from LinkedIn, and Apache Storm—as the backbone of ingestion processing for our multi-tenant, geo-distributed, and real-time log management system. (If you want to learn how we did it and why, watch our presentation at last year’s AWS […]