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Optimizing Tableau Performance with Loggly

If you use Tableau to query a database directly, this blog post will help you use Loggly to quickly find queries that have high latency. With this information you can determine if indices need to be added in your database schema for optimizing Tableau performance. When connected directly to a database, Tableau essentially does drag-and-drop […]

Alternative Metrics for Latency Performance Monitoring

Systematically improving application performance involves two important dimensions. There is the objective fact — the hard numbers — which need to be explored in a high degree of detail in order to find root causes. Here, observability into the granular behavior of different components, effective logging and an appropriate visualization, are key. Yet performance is […]

Get Closer to Your Data: Seven Steps You Need to Follow

The Rise of the Data-Smith In the Middle Ages, blacksmiths and coppersmiths produced beautiful works based on the knowledge of their materials: how the materials behaved, what different qualities they had, what the melting points were, etc. For modern data-smiths (engineers, DevOps and developers), an intimate knowledge of their primary working material – data – […]