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Elasticsearch Ransomware Attacks Highlight Need for Better Security

This article was originally published on Recently, reports surfaced that a large number of Elasticsearch servers fell victim to potential ransomware attacks. Ransomware is the type of malware a company doesn’t want on its systems or network. It takes systems hostage, most commonly by encrypting or stealing data, and exposes the owners to blackmail […]

47 Newsletters For Developers And Programmers

Email newsletters are a great way to stay current on what’s happening in the world of programming and to learn about tools and best practices for your specific programming language. Curated by experts, newsletters bring the best, most timely information out there right to your inbox, so you can quickly digest and get back to […]

No Bug Left Behind: From Loggly to JIRA in No Time

Loggly now gives you the power to file tickets in Atlassian JIRA Software from within Loggly with a single click, automatically adding relevant information from your log data analysis and pre-populated fields. You no longer have to switch between tools and context and manually type or paste information: Stay focused, get the best out of […]

SSO for Logs? Federated Identity with Loggly

Federated Identity Supports a DevOps Mindset Log data isn’t necessarily the first things that comes to mind when people talk about DevOps, but it is one of the most important tools you have to get everyone in development and operations on the same page.  If you have been operating a homegrown log management solution that’s hard […]

Infographic: IT Operations in a Serverless World

Is Your World Serverless? The commoditization of cloud technologies has triggered big shifts in the tech industry. Today anyone can take advantage of elastic virtual server farms. More businesses are taking the concepts of serverless, distributed, and modularized even further with technologies like AWS Lambda, Docker, etc. So How Is IT Operations Evolving? Some people […]

Is Your Site Performance Eating Your Revenue?

Last week, shoppers at Amazon’s much-hyped sales event, Prime Day, were experiencing difficulty at the checkout. The issue appeared when shoppers attempted to add an item to their shopping cart, both on mobile and desktop versions. Reportedly, last year’s Prime Day was the second-largest sales day for Amazon in 2015, with total sales nearly 3.5-percent […]

Logging Facts Every DevOps Professional Should Know

Do You Have the Right Log Strategy? At Loggly, we’ve gained a good bit of knowledge about log management and log analysis from working with thousands of great customers for more than five years. We wanted to make this knowledge available to others, so we wrote a new eBook, The Field Guide to Log Management. […]

Introducing the Field Guide for Docker Logging

Docker is undoubtedly one of the most significant technology trends in the software industry. Interest has grown throughout the first half of this year as developers have moved the needle from hype to reality. To date, two billion Docker images have been pulled from Docker Hub, Docker’s public repository of pre-built images. And according to […]