Business Justification for Logging – LogChat Podcast


Yesterday, a friend of mine, Anton Chuvakin called me up and asked me whether I could help him out with his LogChat podcast. His co-host, Andrew Hay, was sick and couldn’t host the pod cast. I let him twist my arm and a couple of hours later, we were recording Log Cast #3.

Here are some quick highlights of the pod cast. If you are interested in the business value of logging or are interested in application logging, you should listen in!

We first talked about some news in the logging market. Not super much going on. Two highlights: Anton mentioned his logging checklist and I talked about twiggy for a bit. Python developers should have a look at twiggy, a new logging library!

We then launched into the main discussion about the business justification for logging. We talked about all kinds of things. Here are the three main points:

  • Security is not always the best business justification. Especially for smaller companies. Try to address logging from an availability
    or service angle (performance monitoring).
  • Use the same logs for multiple purposes. Logs that are useful for availability often can be used for security as well.
  • Try to establish “good” logging guidelines. Application developers should try to not just log unstructured strings, but try to impose some structure, such as key-value pairs and include enough information, such as the user that executed the action, the machine it happened on, etc. For a much more detailed discussion of this topic, check out our “Cloud Application Logging” paper.

Downloads:LogCast #3,Cloud Application Loggingpaper

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