The End of Cloud: A New Direction for Loggly


Some trends go on to become mainstream ways of doing business. Some come and go. At Loggly, we are always working to stay ahead of the curve. And that’s why, today, we’re abandoning cloud-centric companies to deliver the world’s most popular cloud-based log management solution only as on-premise software offering.

The cloud has seen its peak, and we expect that it will soon fall like a stack of balsa. Any enterprise that cares about its hardwood will want to take advantage of the additional responsibilities afforded by building, hosting, patching, and maintaining an on-premise solution.

In addition, Loggly will be staffing up a new sales force to guide our prospective customers to this robust enterprise solution, specifically targeted for companies who have already shunned the elasticity and scalability of the cloud.

Finally, we’ll be making some big changes to our footprint over the next few months. After talking to many customers, we have built a new hypothesis that log management customers don’t just want a full-featured solution; they miss additional complexity. We’ll be adding agents to ensure that our customers continue to invest time in the deployment process, even when their applications are fully in production.

We’ll also have new “data from a distance” capabilities that will incorporate new steps into the process of creating searches, building dashboards, and gaining actionable insights from log data.


OK, we’re just kidding. April Fools! Actually, Loggly is working really hard to further innovate around our core principles that created the world’s most popular (and most loved) cloud-based log management service:

  • Simplicity

  • Scalability

  • Stories

Of course, we’re committed to delivering an all-cloud, agent-free service that focuses on helping net-centric organizations to solve operational problems faster.

About that free trial?  It’s still here, at a full 30 days just as it has always been.  No credit card, no agents, no kidding.

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