Everyone Loves the New Loggly Gen2, Except Our Competition


FACT: Log management is a mission-critical function.

Operational issues put revenue at risk, and for cloud-centric companies, primarily doing their business over the web–their entire business model and brand is also threatened.

When issues arise (not if), it’s charter of DevOps to find the quickest path to resolve them. At Loggly, we understand the importance that our customers place on log management; it’s why we were founded and why we rebuilt the new Loggly Gen2 service from the ground up.  We wanted to deliver value and solve operational issues faster and at much larger scale.

We launched Gen2 last month, and more than 200 people signed up on the first day.  The buzz continues; we set new site traffic levels again last week.  Word is getting around that there’s a reliable enterprise alternative to the “big machine data” offerings and one that specifically focuses on cloud-centric companies that want the benefits of the SaaS offerings they also deliver to their customers: speed, elasticity, focus and scale.  Leading customers want one less thing to manage and our Gen1 customers who’ve grown up with Loggly are loving what they see in Gen2 and can’t wait to get it.

Gen2Tweet1-gen1cust new loggly gen2


With such a monumental change on a mission critical application, you want to prep your existing customers to take full advantage of all the new features and power from day one.  We ran an extensive, multi-phase beta where customers used both versions of Loggly in production at the same time to learn the new service. We held how-to webinars and demos covering everything that is new. And since we launched Gen2, hundreds of Gen1 customers each week have been painlessly upgraded.



In fact, it seems everyone is loving Gen2; well, everyone except our competition.  While one vendor has all but written true SaaS off their log management roadmap,  another set of vendors has started buying “Gen2” keywords, hoping to scare up some biz.

loggly-google-search new loggly gen2

Good thing it’s our competitors’ money, not ours. We will keep investing our resources and focus in our product, and helping DevOps teams at 3,500 companies (and growing) solve their operational problems faster.  It’s how we earned our most popular cloud-based log management service title and with our painless and free way to get started, we will do it one company at a time.

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