Five Minutes of Fame


The first pass of the audio for the Loggly intro video was finished today. The clip will be used to further refine the wording of the script and start assembling the various visual elements we’ll need for shooting the video. What we should end up with is something similar to the works by Common Craft.

Not surprisingly, it took a TON of work to get the clip to its current state. Most of that work involved writing and editing the ‘script’ to sound like the actor was talking to an audience. I’m no script writer, so it took a fair amount of work with Brenda (the voice actor to whom I’m married) to nail down what sounded natural when spoken, and what didn’t. There are still some rough spots, but here’s the final version of the first draft if you want to take a listen. The script is here, less some final edits.

Back in the day, when John Leestma and I were involved in producing the Splunk Videos , we would do outtakes of the different developers doing their thing during filming. You had to do something to keep things entertaining – a 5 minute video would take all day to film and occupy 1/3 of the available conference rooms. It’s really too bad we didn’t publish them, some of them were side splitting.

Speaking of cracking up, the wife and I have always enjoyed a good laugh together. Here’s hoping you get a hoot from our silly outtakes. All your logs are belong to us!

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