Getting Your Product Sticky


A few months ago I made an off-the-cuff remark about Loggly.”We’re like one of those shitty solar powered calculators. When it gets dark, we forget everything you’ve typed into us.”

That comment wasn’t far off the mark. Historically, we haven’t provided a whole hell of a lot of features that makes it easy to jump back into where you left off on your last search session. Basically when you logged out of Loggly, or even closed the shell in your browser, we’d forget everything you searched for until that point. It made it extremely difficult to get back to something meaningful the next time you logged in.

We shouldn’t be here if we aren’t meaningful. We should deliver users a ‘punch in the gut’ feature that makes a lasting impact. One they don’t want to avoid.

Saving Time with Sticky Features

Scaling search for a massive amount of log file data being sent in from thousands of machines has been an overwhelming non-trival problem to solve for us over the past year, and it’s been our top priority. Unfortunately us solving scale issues aren’t readily obvious to users. Users always expect things on the web to be fast. They could care less how hard a problem it was to solve. They don’t think to themselves, “Wow, that’s fucking fast!” No. Instead they sit around and mutter things to themselves like “Why the hell doesn’t feature X do Y? This thing is wasting my time!”

And there it is laid bare: Don’t waste your user’s time. It’s the most valuable resource they have. Get to the point quick, make it easy to get back to what you were doing next time, and do it all with little fuss and muss.

I say give them sticky features!

Saved Search and More

And so, without further ado, I’m officially announcing one of many-to-come new sticky features: saved search. Saved search provides users a way to write a search query and then preserve the search to run again later. Saved searches can generate facet graphs or they can simply run a regular search across a given time range.

The shell has been reworked to provide context changes to use with the saved search feature. You can now change the date context, or limit the context to certain inputs, and then rerun the search or graph using the red rerun button at the top.

Here’s a quick screencast running through some of our new sticky features:


Coming Up Soon

We’re continuing to add features that increase stickiness to the product. Next week we’ll be releasing a revamped history feature for the shell page, where what you’ve typed in before in a session will be preserved in your command history, just like it would in a normal shell prompt. We’re also adding customized graph selection on the main dashboard, which will allow you to start viewing events that matter most to you by default when you first log in.

All these featuers are leading up to a major revamp of the way we provide value for our user’s events. Expect completely customized dashboards for server monitoring, website performance, user analytics, and more soon! If you have a feature you’d like to see us implement, please do drop us a line. We’re keen on not wasting your time!

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