Grow It. Ship It. Shave It.


launch beard

Over the past year, one fun thing that came out of our efforts to relaunch Loggly was the Gen2 Launch Beard campaign. It started as something that was proposed on a lark, a response in levity to a tense “go/no-go” discussion between two executives (and close friends) the day prior. It was a discussion in that we really had to, as a company, take faith in that the invisible platform after the first step off the cliff would be there when we launched. Things were certainly up in the air, as no one knew what the predicted exponential traffic would do to even the most carefully crafted of solutions.

Thus, a dozen hearty men (and women!) joined in the effort, and vowed to not shave until the product was launched. This was August 1st. We eventually launched G2 over Labor Day weekend, 34 days later – but no one knew how fixed this date was going in. Any delay or small fire was met with the uncertainty that this Launch Beard would push our launch date back well into Fall and possibly the Winter.

Each day at our company standup, the Launch Beard counter went +1 and we looked each other in the eye and saw the evolution of our hard work, both in compiled code and increasingly scraggly facial hair. After a few weeks, loved spouses raised suspecting eyebrows, babies screamed and ran in the other direction, even our Board Members whispered to themselves about the sanity of the Loggly employees.

The result was shared embarrassment and levity of the situation – where we could allow ourselves to laugh at one another in what was a very tense time. It was also a great display of our differences, as some (especially the face of the Loggly franchise, Scott ‘Cover Boy’ Griffin) could grow these luxurious face manes, and others were more patchy and sparse in nature. Some grew beards they didn’t even know they had. As the Boston Globe states about the playoff-bound Red Sox, it eventually became not about the beards, but about what they represented. Enjoying one another’s company and working with a great group of people.

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