If You Love Your Logs, Set Them Free


Imagine this. It’s the night before Thanksgiving, you’re having dinner with your wife and in-laws at a nice restaurant. Your cellphone rings. It’s the Senior Director of Engineering, your boss, responsible for the new Cloud Portal you and your team brought up a few weeks back. This can’t be good. And it happened to me, at a big well-respected engineering focused company. #truestory

It turns out a key customer had decided on this night, of all nights, to place a large order for licenses, but our Portal is returning HTTP 500. “What could be happening?”, he pleads. “Hmmm, can we get the logs?” I reply. “We can’t”, he tells me, “Operations never set up systems to take them off the box.” Sigh… Sound Familar?

This happens all the time within IT organizations. It turns out that one of the worst places logs can be stored is on the machine generating those logs. What if that machine contains Insider Information, and access to it is restricted? What if the network link to it is down? What if all you can do is think really, really hard to work out why that key customer can’t place that order? But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you love your logs, set them free. Get them off the host machines. You, your boss, and your customers will thank you when you can diagnose issues from anywhere, and in real-time. Get them into Loggly, and let us do the hard work for you. Best part, you can do it all without on-premise software, local agents, or disrupting production machines.

Anyway, my boss and I solved the issue, and the order was placed, but it took until the taxi ride home. Life Lesson? Enjoy Thanksgiving and other holidays stress-free… learn from others so this doesn’t happen to you.

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