I’m Presenting at MongoSV!


In May I had the opportunity to speak at the MongoDB conference in SF. I ran through how Loggly uses MongoDB to store statistical data on the data we receive and how customers can use our API calls to render visualizations of their logging data. I also hacked a visualization example of events per device using the smashing protovis.js library.

I’m thoroughly excited to announce I will be speaking again at the MongoSV conference in Santa Clara in December. I’m stepping up the presentation this time, and will be showing more details about how we’ve integrated MongoDB into our infrastructure, and how we use MongoDB to generate our roll up reports. I’ll run through how we use these roll up stats to drive our own metrics dashboard and how exposing the data to end users via our REST APIs provides a whole host of cool options for visualizing data.

If you’re in town or live within a reasonable distance, defined as the entire Contentintal United States, be sure to come check out the conference! The Mongo/10gen crew always puts on great events filled with lots of technical talks and a rocking after-party.

See you there! Again.

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