Intern Alley Comes To a Close…


We’ve had the pleasure of having 3 great interns, that were often referred to as Intern 1, 2 and 3 “working” here during the summer and here is what they had to say in their own words about the Loggly experience. We miss you already!

Josept Friedrich (Intern #1)

I’ve definitely learned a lot since telling Kord I wanted to be a VC. In an effort to save my soul from the business world I’ve enjoyed improving my VIM skills and dabbling in emacs. School is an experience in and of itself but my time here at Loggly has given it a run for its money. Things I will miss:

  • The 5th floor expeditions
  • The warm beautiful summer weather of San Francisco
  • Getting lost in the tenderloin
  • The lunch conversations
  • The meetups
  • Oauth
  • BART
  • Berkeley
  • Fresh air
  • Hoover

Escaping the heat in Texas couldn’t have gone smoother, interning with Loggly this summer has been an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Richard Berwich (Intern #2)

What I did at Loggly?

  • Built a self-funded 12x12x8 box maze in the CEO’s office while he was away at a conference.
  • Left presents in the old office after moving to the new office. Yes, presents – two of them.
  • Bought cookies for the office, and did not lace them with sedatives. You’re welcome.
  • Had a few beers, as well as a few awesome mixed drinks.
  • Built an awesome application, which will continue to be developed in the future (by me, hopefully).
What I learned at Loggly:
  • Enough Python to be able to get in trouble.
  • Enough Javascript to spend eight hours straight coding an interactive jQuery UI.
  • How to make coffee (thank you, one button Cuisinart), but still drink hot chocolate (thank you, hot water pot).
  • How to use and abuse github and Google App Engine.
  • “Draw.” (a few seconds go by) “BANG!”

Thank you, Loggly, for providing an awesome internship. I can’t wait to come back after I’m out of school!

Keving Wang (Intern #3)

Working at Loggly has been a ridiculous roller coaster ride. At times I feel like I am God of my work, other times I feel like I am being worked like a slaveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. All jokes aside, it has been an absolute pleasure to work here, everyone is amazing. From all the daily cursing and rage coding that we all do, to the random tasks that we do as interns, I happened to learn a lot about html and JQuery amongst other life lessons like T-shirt folding and breaking apart desks. I was able to complete a couple of projects during this summer with the help of Loggly’s developers. This was one hell of an internship, I’m sure I’ll be keeping in touch with all the guys here including Joe and Richard while I’m at a school. Loggly is a magical place where you find yourself………T-shirt folding, box making, binge eating, head-desking and last but not least rage coding. I look forward to coming back here when I graduate.

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