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The extended private beta version of Loggly was pushed to production last Friday, October 1st, 2010. This release was planned in early August for release by end-of-September, so we did pretty well on getting it out when we did.

We called this release ‘the extended private beta’ because, well, we are extending the private beta to include more people who signed up on the beta registration page. We were so busy writing code for the release we couldn’t think of anything more exciting than this. Shoot, we were so busy I actually forgot to blog about the release

If you haven’t gotten your invite yet, please be patient. We’re launching servers as fast as we can! Here’s a screen shot of the thing to tide you over:

Although we’re still in private beta, our roadmap for getting public beta is only a few months out. We’re planning on rolling out paid services for the private beta users toward the middle of November, and we should open up access to all registrations by the middle of December.

Min Product – Max Volume

In these days of rapid minimal viable product launches, we’ve been comparatively slow in launching Loggly’s service. Unlike other MVP offerings, Loggly will be expected able to handle customers that send in anywhere from a few MB to multiple GB of data per day of log files. Before we launch we have to test the systems will scale, and won’t melt under load. The extended private beta is part of that testing.

While we think we’ve got the scale issue licked for the moment, we’ve decided to add a feature which rate limits early beta accounts to 200MB/day of data. So we don’t block the upstream syslog servers, we’ll continue to accept and count event data, but will discard any data which exceeds the account limits. Limits are reset at midnight GMT, but if you need a higher daily limit please let us know.

Over the next few months we will raise these limits for the private beta users, and when we launch public beta sometime in December we’ll have a freemium account which will do somewhere in the neighborhood of 250-500MB/day. Paid tiers will be created to handle volumes above these rates. Paid tiers will also have additional features available to them such as S3 storage access, Hadoop processing, etc.

This release was the first of many steps toward making Loggly kick some serious ass when it comes to storing and searching the log files coming out of your infrastructure.

If you are interested in helping us beta test the product, please fill out the signup form and then give us a shout out on Twitter . We’ll see what we can do to get you on ASAP!

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