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Loggly Helps Segment Efficiently Operate a SaaS Service with 100+ External Touchpoints

By Hoover J. Beaver 07 Oct 2014


As a marketer with a long-time love affair with data, I really appreciate the value of what our customer Segment offers: Transparent integration between the ever-multiplying world of analytics and marketing tools.

This unseen backoffice magic takes the headaches out of routing data upon which smart companies (you are data-driven, right?) depend to make critical business decisions:

  • What channel is most productive?
  • Where is our funnel friction?
  • What’s the LTV of opportunities by lead source?

But integrating with more than 100 web-based services and billions of API calls every month is a tough job, and there are many places where things can go awry. Segment depends on its log data to troubleshoot operational issues and to keep its service in top shape.

Our latest case study follows the evolution of Segment’s log management strategy, from syslog aggregation to an internal logging service built on the ELK Stack, to Loggly. You’ll learn:

  • Why Segment’s developers and support teams can isolate the specific logs they need to troubleshoot customers’ integration problems much faster with Loggly than with their ELK-based logging service
  • How Segment’s technical support team can use Loggly to solve most customer problems without involving the DevOps team at all
  • Where log data provides opportunities for proactive monitoring of application health
  • Why investing in a log management service like Loggly makes good business sense

According to Segment’s co-founder Calvin French-Owen, “Logging is not the meat of our business – analytics is. We want to be able to move really quickly on analytics, and we know that Loggly can do a much better job at log management than we can.”

Bravo! I love hearing our customers define our value proposition in their words; and hearing their inflection when they tell us – this is why I love my job. We solve one of the most challenging (and internally expensive) chores in IT, and in doing so allow companies to accelerate development and delight their customers. A perfect win-win.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the full Segment case study.

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Hoover J. Beaver

Hoover J. Beaver

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