Partnering with Scalr Gets You a Margarita


We’ve all dreamed of doing our job while sipping a margarita on the beach, Loggly and Scalr can get you there…well almost. We love things that scale and automate and all things cloud and that is why we partnered with Scalr. Scalr is an open source cloud management tool that brings automation to web applications. The cloud is all about scalability, growth, and making things easier to manage. Scalr gives you the ability to manage as many servers as you need on different cloud computing services and adjusts load capacity as you have spikes and valleys in your traffic. It’s like a system’s admin machine that never sleeps, doesn’t need energy drinks and coffee, so now your system’s admin can actually can have a life. Loggly comes in and takes care of all the logs, we store them, make them searchable, as well as providing features such as monitoring, troubleshooting and user analytics so nothing is lost and you can figure out what your users are doing. Sit back, relax and see what Scalr can do for you.

  • DNS Management: automatically created and updated for you
  • Fault tolerance: servers crash, at the worst times, now the problem is detected and automatically resolved for you
  • Multi-cloud deployments: no need to commit to just one, infrastructure can be spread out across multiple providers
  • Integrated SSH and key management

We’re super excited to be partnered with such a cool company that’s helping web apps scale and making your life easier.

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