Server Density


My old friend David Myton from Boxed Ice swung by the Loggly office the other day to say howdy. I sat down with him and did a quick Geek CEO video about bootstrapping, developing product, filling the sales pipe, and listening to him being wise-beyond-his-years about raising capital.

Server Density is now growing at 20% a month, enjoyes a super low churn, and just got to break-even over the weekend. While others are just dreaming about startups, or grinding away for the man, David is here living the dream.

David Myton, CEO of Boxed Ice from Hoover on Vimeo.

David shared with me that the company will be moving to the Bay Area in a few more months, once they grow a little more and get their work stuff sorted around. They’re more than welcome to squat with us when they do!

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