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The Essential Cheat Sheet for Linux Admins

  One of the first basic steps in Unix administration is to master the Unix commands within the Unix shell. I’ve created a cheat sheet which summarize the essential commands you’ll need to get started. Most commands can accept a variety of parameters (switches); I have listed one or two most common parameters here. To […]

47 Newsletters For Developers And Programmers

Email newsletters are a great way to keep up on updates to your programming languages of choice and to learn about tools and best practices. The Loggly team subscribes to a number of newsletters, and we have been thrilled to see our recent blog posts picked up by a few of them. We compiled this […]

To Build or Buy? Five Factors in the Cost of Log Management

  Speed Drives Success for Cloud-Centric Businesses Loggly customers are a smart bunch of developers, DevOps gurus, and CTOs who are taking full advantage of the speed and economies of scale that cloud technologies bring to their businesses. They know that the key to their success is moving fast and generating scale before the competition […]

Front-End Logging Made Easy: Use This JavaScript Logger

Developing applications that run in browsers can be terrifying given that you have very limited control over the environment in which your code will be running. It can also be very exciting because you get to work in a discipline that innovates very quickly and can reach a large number of users. With web applications […]

How to Automatically Set Up Loggly Using Puppet

To anyone that knows me, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Puppet. The ease of use is, in my opinion, unparalleled among configuration management systems. In fact, Puppet is my provisioner of choice for Vagrant, as well as for both my personal and professional servers. While Puppet is […]

Learn to Code: Resources for Every Programming Language

While not everyone needs or wants to become a programmer, the benefits of code literacy extend beyond the ability to build websites—including improved abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. And as more of our lives run on software, it only makes sense to learn a bit about the languages that power our world. The need to […]

The Most Popular Programming Languages in GitHub

Programming languages are not simply the tools that developers use to create programs or express algorithms. They’re also instruments to code and decode creativity. By observing the history of programming languages, we gain a unique perspective on our quest to find better ways to solve problems, facilitate collaboration, build great products, and reuse the efforts […]