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How to Stay on Top of Your Log Data Usage

With thousands of customers in trial at any given time, we regularly get questions from users asking how much data they are using and how we support growth. We pride ourselves in our data transparency (it’s your data!) and in the simplicity of accessing it, so we made it easy to stay on top of […]

Loggly Security Update on HeartBleed CVE Vulnerability

As widely reported, an exploit known as OpenSSL HeartBleed CVE has taken the Internet by a storm by creating a vulnerability that could allow attackers access to personal data. At Loggly, we went to work immediately after the original announcement. We have now completed the remediation for this vulnerability as per the HeartBleed bug website. Here […]

Another Record Quarter for Loggly

I am thrilled that Loggly has just achieved another record quarter. We have surpassed all of our growth targets achieved record bookings, revenue, and customer growth. And in more exciting news, we have now passed the 5,000 customer mark!  As we get ready to build on this growth in Q2, I’d like to share our recipe […]

User Research Surveys at Scale

An important part of Loggly’s User Experience department here is the outreach to users both new and familiar. Yet, it is hard to find the continued voice of the user amongst the constant business of our schedules. The recruitment, screening, and scheduling of one-on-one walkthroughs that will drive a high rate of participation among over five […]

What We Learned About Scaling with Apache Storm: Pushing the Performance Envelope

Log management isn’t easy to do at scale. We designed Loggly Gen2 using the latest social-media-scale technologies—including ElasticSearch, Kafka from LinkedIn, and Apache Storm—as the backbone of ingestion processing for our multi-tenant, geo-distributed, and real-time log management system. (If you want to learn how we did it and why, watch our presentation at last year’s […]

Synched Workspaces: #DevOps productivity from anywhere!

Nowadays, everyone from online shoppers to DevOps professionals access apps and services from more than one device. That is why I always appreciate it when products  (e.g. Google Chrome) acknowledge this multi-device workflow and make it easy to get right back to the work that I was doing on another device instead of having to […]