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Nine Tips for Implementing Logging in Games

Games are very different from other types of mobile apps. They have very distinct technical and operational challenges which necessitate specialized logging. In this post, I’ll examine the unique challenges games face and provide nine logging tips that will help increase the uptime of your game. How Are Games Different from Other Apps? Unlike many […]

GDC 2015 Preview: Going Behind the Screens

I’m looking forward to experiencing my first Game Developer Conference, which officially starts today in San Francisco. Game developers make up an important chunk of Loggly’s 5,000+ customers, and I’m really excited to meet many of them in person and learn more about their businesses. From a development perspective, game developers live in a pretty […]

Logging in Unity3D

When game developers release games or game updates, it’s not uncommon for unexpected bugs and downtime to occur. Sometimes these result from developer error, but more often they result from unexpected loads, use cases, or data inputs. As a result, they can be quite hard to diagnose. Too often, developers don’t know about an issue […]

Check Out My New Pragmatic Logging eBook

Why is Instrumentation Part of a Pragmatic Approach to Running Cloud-Based Applications? In past blog posts, I have written about the importance of instrumentation. If you’re not sure what instrumentation is, it’s the ability to monitor or measure the level of an application’s performance, to diagnose errors, and to capture informative messages about the execution […]

Monitoring Loggly with Loggly: Nagios Integration

Log collection, processing, parsing, and indexing are the core of Loggly’s log management business. The steps in this pipeline allow us to present huge piles of logs to our users in a fast, concise, simple manner so they can find solutions to their problems faster. (If you want to learn more about how our pipeline […]

Lessons on Efficient Log Analysis from Monex Insight

Yesterday’s webinar with Jonathan Keith of Monex provided me with a useful perspective about the role that log analysis plays in running a production application and about the value of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ in removing grunt work and saving time. Jonathan’s application, Monex Insight, serves about 1.5 million consumer investors in Japan. It’s a .NET […]