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Launching an App with Loggly Leads to Great Karma

What Happens in Vegas … Comes Crashing Home In December 2014, I was so excited! We had just launched the private beta of Karma, a consumer app that is reducing the stress and friction of using services in the sharing economy (Airbnb, DogVacay, Craigslist, and others). We decided to go to Vegas to celebrate our […]

Five Invaluable Techniques to Improve Regex Performance

Regular expressions are powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. Because of the way most regex engines work, it is surprisingly easy to construct a regular expression that can take a very long time to run. In my previous post on regex performance, I discussed why and under what conditions certain regexes take forever […]

42 Podcasts for Developers and Programmers

It’s tough to stay up to speed on everything that’s happening with software development today, so I find podcasts to be incredibly useful. I can listen to a podcast while I’m commuting, at the gym, or when I have an extra few minutes of down time. We assembled the list below to help you find […]

Are You Wasting the Power of Your Regexes?

The Fallacy That Log Analysis = Search When people visualize a log management solution, they often think of a bunch of logs and a search box. After all, that’s what most log management vendors focus on. They are investing in putting more and more power into the search box with their own custom search syntax […]

Writing Amazon ELB Access Logs to Loggly Using AWS Lambda

  Problem: Send Amazon ELB Logs to Loggly Recently, we started using Loggly to manage logs coming from our Amazon Web Services infrastructure. One of the reasons we decided to use Loggly was its ability to ingest JSON formatted logs via an easy-to-use RESTful interface. This capability proved especially useful when we were looking for a […]

Regexes: The Bad, the Better, and the Best

A Story about How Just a Few Characters Can Make Such a Big Difference in Performance Regular expressions are incantations that we developers wield mightily when the time calls. Yet, do we always wield them deftly? Regular expressions are a delicate and precise language. They are crafted with careful deliberation into powerful forces that level […]

Introducing Loggly Derived Fields

Unstructured Log Data Usually Leads to Constrained Log Analysis It’s no secret that the more structured and detailed your log data is, the less stressful your troubleshooting will be during times of need. However, a significant amount of your log data is likely not organized into separate data elements and, even worse, was likely created […]

HTTP Diagram and Status Codes

With Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) response status codes, the first digit of the code indicates one of five classes of responses. HTTP clients must at least recognize these five classes: The first class of codes is informational, indicating a provisional response while processing continues. The second class of status codes communicates that the client’s request […]

8 Tools for Every Java Developer’s Toolkit

Java developers have an enormous selection of libraries, utilities, and programs at their disposal. Each one has its merits, but there are a few that stand out from the crowd due to their popularity, versatility, and usefulness. These eight tools cover the full gamut of Java development, from code building to bug squashing. Learning these […]