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SSO for Logs? Federated Identity with Loggly

Federated Identity Supports a DevOps Mindset Log data isn’t necessarily the first things that comes to mind when people talk about DevOps, but it is one of the most important tools you have to get everyone in development and operations on the same page.  If you have been operating a homegrown log management solution that’s hard […]

Infographic: IT Operations in a Serverless World

Is Your World Serverless? The commoditization of cloud technologies has triggered big shifts in the tech industry. Today anyone can take advantage of elastic virtual server farms. More businesses are taking the concepts of serverless, distributed, and modularized even further with technologies like AWS Lambda, Docker, etc. So How Is IT Operations Evolving? Some people […]

9 Tips on ElasticSearch Configuration for High Performance

The Loggly service utilizes ElasticSearch (ES) as the search engine underneath a lot of our core functionality. As Jon Gifford explained in his recent post on ElasticSearch vs Solr, log management imposes some tough requirements on search technology. To boil it down, it must be able to: Reliably perform near real-time indexing at huge scale – […]

Scaling Elasticsearch for Multi-Tenant, Multi-Cluster

When you start building infrastructure on Elasticsearch (ES), the first architecture usually assumes you can run a single ES cluster. This is the easiest way to get started: Just spawn a cluster and go. A typical search-based application looks like this: Any modern architecture will be designed for scalability and resiliency, so each stage should […]

Node.js Error Handling Explained

Introduction Errors—every programming language has them under one name or another, and the Node.js environment is no different. Node.js includes only a handful of predefined errors (like RangeError, SyntaxError, and others), all of which inherit from Error. The official documentation is a recommended read. Note that the documentation refers to exceptions as well, but don’t […]

Analytics in Game Development: Data-Driven What?

Back in the old days, at the beginning of the current decade, I would have started this article with, “Analytics: You’re doing it wrong!” These days, not so much. I still get a few approving nods, the ones with the lower lip slightly flexed and tense eyebrows denoting sincere approval with a hint of surprise, […]

8 Time-Saving Tools for Easier C# Development

Save Time with These C# Tools Ask any developer what makes her coding life easier, and she will list several tools in her toolkit that help her perform a certain task. Whether it’s an IDE, a plugin, or even just a dependency library, these tools can shave off hours of development time. Most tools reduce […]

Lessons Learned from Using Regexes At Scale

Regexes: With Great Power Comes a Great Downside One day, you may find yourself wanting to use regexes to parse a large amount of data. You might even want to build a feature that exposes regexes to your users. Regexes are pretty sweet, and who wouldn’t want to enhance their product with the power of […]

Is Your Site Performance Eating Your Revenue?

Last week, shoppers at Amazon’s much-hyped sales event, Prime Day, were experiencing difficulty at the checkout. The issue appeared when shoppers attempted to add an item to their shopping cart, both on mobile and desktop versions. Reportedly, last year’s Prime Day was the second-largest sales day for Amazon in 2015, with total sales nearly 3.5-percent […]