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How to Automatically Set Up Loggly Using Puppet

To anyone that knows me, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Puppet. The ease of use is, in my opinion, unparalleled among configuration management systems. In fact, Puppet is my provisioner of choice for Vagrant, as well as for both my personal and professional servers. While Puppet is […]

Learn to Code: Resources for Every Programming Language

While not everyone needs or wants to become a programmer, the benefits of code literacy extend beyond the ability to build websites—including improved abstract thinking and problem-solving skills. And as more of our lives run on software, it only makes sense to learn a bit about the languages that power our world. The need to […]

The Most Popular Programming Languages in to GitHub Since 2012

Programming languages are not simply the tools that developers use to create programs or express algorithms. They’re also instruments to code and decode creativity. By observing the history of programming languages, we gain a unique perspective on our quest to find better ways to solve problems, facilitate collaboration, build great products, and reuse the efforts […]

Exceptional Logging of Exceptions in Python

Aaron Maxwell is author of the Advanced Python Newsletter. Exceptions happen. And as developers, we simply have to deal with them. Even when writing software to help us find burritos. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself… we’ll come back to that. As I was saying: How we deal with exceptions depends on the language. And […]

API Endpoint Analytics Using Loggly

When building an API, tracking endpoint usage can often be a pain. While there are commercial products aimed more towards browser analytics, for example Google Analytics, there aren’t as many well known backend tools. Of course, New Relic is common for server monitoring (I am personally a huge fan). While it can be used as […]

What Is The Best College For Computer Science?

Loggly has hired a whole bunch of top-tier developers and engineers over the last few years. (If you are interested, be sure to check out the open jobs!) The engineering team hails from all corners of the earth and brings a pretty diverse background to our work and to evaluating candidates. Like many data-driven organizations, […]

Pyladies at Loggly: Why Java Engineers Also Love Python

Last week, Loggly hosted a PyLadies meetup where I, Liz Bennett the Java engineer, gave a talk to a room full of Python enthusiasts. For those who don’t know, PyLadies is an international organization focused on increasing women’s participation in the Python community through mentorship, outreach, education, conferences, and social gatherings. When I was approached with […]