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Introducing the Enigmatic Logging Handbook

Any software engineer who has worked in a software development team or who has looked at their own code from a year or two (or ten) ago will know what I mean when I say that there are at least as many approaches to logging as there are people who log. Factor in what needs […]

Smart Alerts for Anomaly Detection and Data Aggregations

When something is going wrong with your application, you’ll want to know about it as quickly as possible. That’s where alerting, a feature of Loggly Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans, comes into play. You can now receive alerts based on data aggregations and our anomaly detection algorithms. All of these alerts fire as soon as […]

Confessions of a Logging Fanboy

I love podcasts. Really, I love them. I love to learn from some of the best mentors and life hackers from pretty much all over the world. The only problem with me and podcasts is that they get me behind work-wise since I always have plenty to do and there’s so much excellent content out […]

tail -f Revolutions: Loggly Live Tail Enters Your Browser

Going to the Game Developers Conference next week? Stop by booth #2305 to see a demonstration.  Earlier this year, Loggly introduced Live Tail, a real-time command-line tool that consolidates all your logs into one stream, similar to the classic tail -f Unix command. In an era of distributed systems and elastic virtual servers, Live Tail […]

Come See Us at the Game Developers Conference 2016

We are excited to get out of the office to attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC) once again. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from our office here in San Francisco. A huge number of Loggly users are from the gaming industry. These crazy beavers make a living developing games or operating the […]

Docker Datacenter (DDC) and What It Means to DevOps and the Industry

Or: Why Cloud Providers Should Be Nervous   Docker’s latest offering was announced just today. Docker Datacenter (DDC) is basically a virtual, portable datacenter designed to give small and large businesses control over creating, managing, and shipping containers. Docker calls this Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS). DDC is comprised of various open-source and proprietary, commercial components: Docker Universal Control […]

Why Journald?

Journald is a system service for collecting and storing log data, introduced with systemd. It tries to make it easier for system administrators to find interesting and relevant information among an ever-increasing amount of log messages. In keeping with this goal, one of the main changes in journald was to replace simple plain text log […]

Loggly Is a Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP)!

Microservices Have Grown Up Fast Microservices architectures, and Docker in particular, has been one of the hottest technology topics in 2015. Developers have been quick to recognize the benefits of containerization and are deploying a lot of new applications on Docker. As these applications serve more mission-critical needs, the organizations deploying them need better visibility […]

5 Very Real Logging Struggles

Logs have been around almost as long as computers and are always at the core of applications. As SaaS, big data, and IoT applications have grown, so have their logs. People are solving big problems and making key product decisions based on logs that are often a complete mess. Even though logging is an important […]

Tools and Techniques for Logging Microservices

The microservice architecture is taking the tech world by storm. A growing number of businesses are turning towards microservices as a way of handling large workloads in a distributed and scalable way. In this post, we’ll look at methods for logging microservices and the tools that make them possible. Microservices in a Nutshell A microservice […]