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What Is Remote Logging?

This is the first in a series of three blog posts describing some technologies that I use on a daily basis: What Is Remote Logging? How to Write Effective Logs with Loggly How Do I Actually Use Loggly? Why Everyone Should Be Logging Remotely So, What Is Remote Logging? Remote logging is not mysterious. You […]

How to Detect and Analyze DDoS Attacks Using Log Analysis

The cloud delivers many benefits to companies and users alike, but it has one clear disadvantage: its vulnerability to cyber threats. This was brought to light this past December. Linode – a Linux cloud hosting provider – suffered from a massive attack that lasted 10 days. The DDoS attack targeted numerous systems including nameservers, application […]

Introducing Numerics Support in Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer

More than four months after the launch of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™, I continue to get amazing feedback from Loggly customers about how this feature is supercharging the insight they receive even from simple searches and truly changing the way they think about and consume their logs. Many describe the big “aha” moment that came […]

GDC 2015 in Review and New Definitive Guide for Game Developers

The 2015 Game Developer Conference ended four days ago, but I’m still recovering from some long days of learning, talking to fantastic Loggly customers and prospects, and having a lot of fun! Checked into #GDC15 to set up the @loggly booth! #GameOn #GDC #SF pic.twitter.com/fQm8b1mVHd — Karen Sowa (@sowamazing) March 2, 2015 I love attending […]

Lessons on Efficient Log Analysis from Monex Insight

Yesterday’s webinar with Jonathan Keith of Monex provided me with a useful perspective about the role that log analysis plays in running a production application and about the value of Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer™ in removing grunt work and saving time. Jonathan’s application, Monex Insight, serves about 1.5 million consumer investors in Japan. It’s a .NET […]