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"Log management is critical for running an operational service like a game. If we didn’t have Loggly, there would be days where our revenue would be affected by as much as 70 percent."

Albert Ho,
Executive Producer/Product Manager for Platform, Rumble Entertainment

"Log data is foundational. The ability to immediately understand how infrastructure is performing at any given time is critical. While I didn’t always like what Loggly was telling me, I’m sure happy it did."

Harper Reed,
former CTO, Obama for America

"Loggly is a lovely tool to view multi-origin log files, such as across a cloud-deployed application. It is a breeze to install and setup."

Colin Ross, Analog Analytics

"I needed a cloud-based logging tool that was dead easy to set up, could be fed from a number of different servers, and offered a simple API for reporting purposes. Loggly is meeting my needs very well."

Jonathan Taylor, SecureVideo.com


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We see Loggly as an indispensable part of our tool set… we were able to fix some bugs before any of our clients noticed the problem. @sitebase


Loggly saves us time and effort keeping an eye on things, even with a constantly changing assortment of servers as we alter and rotate autoscaling groups across data centers. @fugu13


@loggly We'd installed your logging a few weeks ago and I just did my first "Dive" into an issue and WOW. Thank you for being awesome @sototallysweet