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"With billions of API calls every month, we generate a huge amount of log data. It’s difficult and expensive to manage ourselves. It really made the most sense to bring in an expert like Loggly to take it off our plates."

Calvin French-Owen,
Founder, Segment
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"Log management is critical for running an operational service like a game. If we didn’t have Loggly, there would be days where our revenue would be affected by as much as 70 percent."

Albert Ho,
Executive Producer/Product Manager for Platform, Rumble Entertainment
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"Loggly was a smarter choice for our cloud-based business, offering a painless adoption path with virtually no effort on our part and allowing us to accomplish the same things we had from our Splunk solution at a fraction of the cost."

Brock Haywood,
Director of Platform, SendHub
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"Being able to quickly pinpoint the source and impact of issues in emergency scenarios is critical. Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer makes this a breeze."

Jonathan Keith,
Development Manager, Monex, Inc.
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"Loggly has pulled our error reporting out of the dark ages and become an integral component of our e-commerce solution. It’s given us the confidence to release new external customer-facing applications and web services and know that we can react to potential issues instantly as they arise."

Aaron Remaklus,
Web Development Manager, Speedway Motors
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"A log management service is essential for any modern, cloud-based application. Since virtual machines are being deployed and decommissioned based on demand, by the time you discover a problem, the affected server could have gone away, taking its logs with it. How can you understand what happened without aggregating your logs?"

Maksym Markov,
Vice President of Engineering, qbeats
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Loggly has been easy to setup thanks to the excellent step by step instructions. @satchit


Loggly is a fantastic service that allows us to monitor our entire software stack from one place, at an affordable price. Their API THAT allows us to feed data back into our apps is the icing on the cake! @wedgybo


I needed a cloud-based logging tool that was dead easy to set up, could be fed from a number of different servers, and offered a simple API for reporting purposes. Loggly is meeting my needs very well. @onemancat