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Loggly 2.0: Viewing and Creating Log Dashboards

Log Dashboards

Log dashboards give you a one-stop shop to view all activity across your account. Each account is set up with a Summary Dashboard, which is pre-populated with our most popular widgets, including:

All Events Graph
This shows a simple count of every event that’s been sent to Loggly.
Alerts Overview
Keep an eye on what’s triggered most recently. (Paid accounts only)
Saved Search Overview
Your favorite searches, pinned to the dashboard.
Top Values
Pick a field to see a list of the most frequently occurring values.

Below is a sample Dashboard displaying Standard and Overview widgets that could be refreshed by choosing a predefined interval or could be turned off by selecting the Off option at the top right corner of the chart widget.
Logging Dashboard

Our paid plans have the added benefit of being able to create additional customized dashboards. Each log dashboard is made up of selected trend graphs and visualizations of your saved searches. Perhaps your ops team wants to see system stability metrics; your development team wants to see application usage; and your marketing team wants to track new user signups. Creating custom dashboards is really simple! Custom Dashboards and the widgets that make them up are created on a per-user basis, so they won’t appear to other users on the account. All widgets can display at either full-width or half-width. Look for the cog in the top right of each widget. All widgets can be dragged to a different position within the dashboard tab. Look for the gripper in the top middle of each widget.


Creating a Custom Dashboard

There are two simple steps to creating a new dashboard:

  1. On the Dashboard page, near the tab bar on top, click the “+ New” link to add a new dashboard tab.
  2. When the “Add New Dashboard” pop-up shows, type in a name for your new dashboard and click “Submit
    New Log Dashboard
  3. Now start adding widgets:
    Add New Loggly Dashboard

Sharing a Custom Dashboard

After creating a custom log dashboard as described above,  it is very easy and quick to share it with other users in your Loggly account.

    1. Simply click on the Share icon Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.37.07 PM from your custom dashboard page.
    2. The dialog box below will pop-up with a unique link that you could copy to your clipboard by clicking on Dashboards 2 and send it securely to other users via email or chat. You could also copy the link if you prefer.
      Share this Logging Dashboard Image
    3. At the receiving end, the recipients can click on the link or copy it to the browser’s address field. They will see the pop-up below to confirm the importing of the custom dashboard. After confirming, Loggly will display the shared Dashboard tab.
      Import Logging Dashboard Image

Widget Overview

All of the standard widgets that come with the Summary Dashboard are available to add on other log dashboards. Any widgets that you created from the Trends interface will show up under “Custom Widgets”. Although mentioned in the Trends section, it is worth repeating – remember to give your new widgets descriptive titles.