Work Areas

Persistent Work Areas

Loggly loves multitaskers, so we allow you to create multiple work pages. As a result, you can investigate several issues in parallel without losing your state. Each tab will keep its own search context state, including Source Group, query terms, time range, and filters. Once you create a work page, it’s automatically saved there until you remove it. If you restart your browser, reboot your computer, or change devices, all your work pages are saved just as you left them.

Persistent Work Tabs


How To Do It

1. On the search page, click the +New icon to create a new work page.

2. Click on the work page title to rename it as you see fit. For example, you may name it based on the type of task for which it is used.

3. Once you create a tab, it’s there until you remove it. If you change desktops, browsers, etc, the search context will save state.

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