Saved Searches


With Loggly Saved Searches, you now have the capability to store queries that you run frequently. Here's how to make the most of our newest feature. 

  • You no longer have to remember long & complicated queries
  • Easily keep tabs on events you care about
  • Quick links to either graph or search on your query


Saved Search Screencast



Saved Searches are prominent on your Loggly dashboard. Once you log in, you'll see up to 5 searches on the right side of your dashboard.


Adding Saved Searches

If you have less than 5 searches saved: from either the main dashboard or the searches dashboard, click the “Add Saved Search” button. Complete the form by entering:

search name

This is how your search will be listed on your dashboard and how you can recall the search through the Loggly Shell.
Example: widgets_sold


Help text so that you remember why you created the search.
Example: How many widgets have we sold today?

search query

Craft your search using our Boolean search language.
Example: widget=sold AND success
Example: json.widget:sold AND json.status:[200 TO 299]

date range

The quick pick date ranges are valuable to use since they're popular, relative time periods, but if you're interested in a specific time range, choose "Custom Range" from the drop down. Within the custom interface, you can either use the calendar to choose specific dates/times or you can write in specific relative time periods.


Select all inputs by using the checkbox (default) or multi-select.


Select all devices by using the checkbox (default) or multi-select.


Clicking the Test button will run the search query for you and show you the last 10 lines that match your search criteria.


Once you've run a search from the Loggly command line interface, you'll see a blue link to “save this search”. Click on that link in order to name your search for recalling it later.

Running Saved Searches

From the Dashboard

Up to five of your saved searches will show up on the right side of your dashboard. If you want to see more details on your saved searches, click on the “searches” tab near the top of your dashboard. On your saved search dashboard, there are two icons to the left of each saved search name. Graph icon: click to view an interactive graph in the Loggly Shell interface. Search icon: click to view the logs within the Loggly Shell interface. Search name: click to view an interactive graph.

Once you're in the Loggly Shell, accessed from the black bar on your dashboard, try the following commands to see a list of searches available:

> savedsearch
> ss
> savedgraph
> sg

These commands can either be entered manually or use the drop down button at the top of the page to access the full list of saved searches available.