Who says that log management is all about searching?

Loggly automatically summarizes your logs so you can jump to what matters.


Loggly Reveals What Matters

Loggly offers a cloud-based service that mines tons of log data in real time and reveals what matters, so that you have the insights you need to produce quality code and deliver a great user experience.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Logs

See what’s happening across distributed environments in real time.

Data-Guided Search

Let your data guide you on where to look for answers.

Agent-Free Deployment

Use open protocols, not proprietary agents, to send us your logs.

Log Monitoring for the Cloud Era: Loggly Live Tail is here

Think real-time “tail -f” across all your log files from all your distributed systems.

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What is Log Management?

Your logs are the key to keeping cloud-based applications running at their best. Know what they’re telling you before application errors, slow performance, or other operational issues take a bite out of your revenue.

“Logging is not the meat of our business – analytics is. We know that Loggly can do a much better job at log management than we can.”
Calvin French-Owen — Co-founder, Segment

Leaders in Log Management

We’re passionate about logs because they give our customers the understanding they need to operate their cloud-based services flawlessly.

Meet Us on the Road

We’re using some of the hottest technologies to tackle this big data challenge. Join us.

“Being able to quickly pinpoint the source and impact of issues in emergency scenarios is critical. Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer makes this a breeze.”
Jonathan Keith — Development Manager, Monex, Inc.