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Loggly Is a Highly Scalable Apache Log Analyzer

Is your log analyzer capable of processing thousands of Apache logs in real-time? How easy is it for you to get useful information from your Apache logs? Loggly’s cloud-based log management system centralizes huge volumes of Apache log data for thousands of customers and gives them the tools they need to ensure reliable performance of their web applications and to proactively monitor for issues.

Loggly receives Apache log data via syslog standards, indexes in near real-time, and automatically parses many standard formats. Developers and DevOps professionals have a variety of log management tools at their disposal:

  • Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM, a user experience providing a dynamic, clickable view of your logs with summaries and metrics
  • Powerful search capabilities: Conduct full-text, individual field searches, and range searches. Filter on fields that are automatically parsed.
  • Point-and-click trending graphs: Create column, bar, and pie charts showing sums, averages, counts, and standard deviations using drop-down menus and place these graphs into monitoring dashboards
  • Built-in alerting: Create alerts that trigger email notifications or escalate to the right people via existing notification services, all based on conditions that you define

Loggly processes hundreds of thousands of log events per second, giving our customers scalable, reliable log data analysis. Get the most out of your Apache logs by starting a free, 30-day trial!

Want best practices on Apache log analysis? Check out our Apache logging guide!

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