Loggly Offers a Better Way to Analyze PHP Log Errors Logged by Apache Applications

Are you finding it difficult to debug runtime PHP errors? Traditional log analysis methods like shell, sed, awk and grep are painful and error-prone ways of understanding your log data. You need a log management system that aggregates logs from the entire infrastructure and structures that data for analysis in near real-time. That is exactly what Loggly does. Loggly’s cloud log management solution exposes your log data in an actionable way, so you can uncover operational insights and debug faster.

With Loggly, you can access all your PHP error logs from a centralized console. You don’t need to deploy proprietary collection software or agents on each machine or server because Loggly works with existing software. The PHP error logs sent from Apache applications are automatically parsed by Loggly into individual fields. This makes searches faster and enables filtering for faster drill-down into your log data. Loggly’s capabilities at a glance:

  • Lucene-like search
  • Point-and-click charting
  • Built-in alerting
  • Unlimited saved searches
  • A variety of data volume and data retention options
  • Customized dashboards

Choose Loggly for a much more productive way to analyze your PHP error logs. Give it a try with our 30-day free trial.

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