​Loggly Lowers Response Times by Aggregating Apache Logs in Real-Time

Are your web applications suffering from long response times and unpredictable lags? Gain visibility into their performance with Loggly, an all-cloud log management solution that aggregates Apache log data along with all of your application logs and provides efficient ways for you to gain insights.

Track Apache Request Times with Little Additional Work

Including the Apache request time field in your logs gives you a pretty straightforward way to measure the speed of your site. You can then dig in deeper to understand whether your servers or your code need to be optimized.

Step One: Aggregate Your Apache logs in Loggly

Loggly uses syslog for log collection, so you don’t have to install any software to get started. Just make simple configuration changes, and you’re off and running!

Step Two: Track Response Times of Application and System Logs

Using the time-series trending feature from Loggly, you can represent your Apache log data in a visual format that lets you spot trends and anomalies very quickly. Look for individual sessions with high response times as well as changes to the average Apache request time.

Step Three: Get Alerted Before Performance Reaches Unacceptable Levels

Loggly enables you to set alerts when Apache request times exceed acceptable limits, so you know when immediate action is required.

​​Use Loggly to analyze your Apache logs and deliver a superior user experience with low response times. Get started on a free trial today.

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