Search, Analyze and Alert on AWS Log Data in Real-Time with Loggly

Pick a AWS Log Analyzer That Maximizes the Benefits of AWS

You probably chose AWS because it offers you a dependable, cost-effective platform for running your cloud-based application and elastic scale. So why would you choose a less effective solution for managing your log data?

Loggly’s SaaS log management solution offers an AWS log analyzer that manages logs from virtually any source without requiring you to install agents on your machines. From AWS audit logs to AWS CloudTrail to log4j and Python application logs, we aggregate everything in one place and give you the analysis tools you need for troubleshooting and trend detection. We offer a basic free edition along with a variety of subscription plans that allow you to pay for what you need and scale your log analysis as your application grows.

Search Less and Find More in Your AWS Logs

Loggly is unique in that it parses your logs at ingestion time, structuring your logs for easier access and metrics aggregation. Through Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM, you can navigate through a real-time view of your logs that refreshes itself as you explore your log data. Isolating problem areas, discovering anomalies, and doing quick sanity checks on your AWS-hosted application is a lot simpler with Loggly.

Automated Parsing of AWS CloudTrail Logs

Do you want to get more from AWS CloudTrail? Loggly reads these logs directly from your AWS S3 bucket and automatically parses them for real-time analytics. The Loggly-AWS CloudTrail integration empowers you to answer key operational questions, such as:

  • Which AWS user has taken action on a particular resource, at which time period?
  • Which user activities failed due to inadequate permissions?
  • Which user launched or terminated an EC2 instance?
  • Which user modified the settings of a security group, at what time?

Get Better AWS Log Analysis Today

Setting up AWS CloudTrail on Loggly is extremely simple. All you need to do is provide the name of the S3 bucket and grant permission to Loggly. Get onboard by signing up for a free trial.

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