Centralized Logging Solution

Log Management Solution from Loggly Provides Centralized Access to Log Data

Are you still logging into individual servers to analyze your log data? Stop! Whether you are running Windows or Linux, Loggly offers a centralized logging system that consolidates all the logs and makes the data accessible through a single, easy-to-use interface. Loggly processes vast amounts of log data that streams in from platforms, systems, and applications without requiring you to use proprietary software agents.

Loggly is compatible with common standards such as HTTP and syslog and supports unlimited users and unlimited search options. It gives you a fast, convenient way to answer critical DevOps questions:

  • We just launched new code; did it break anything?
  • Why is our application falling over?
  • What is the root cause of performance problems we’re facing?
  • How can we get to the issue before our customers do?

But Is Centralized Logging Enough?

Most centralized logging solutions don’t provide any insight until you execute a search query. As a result, troubleshooting almost always starts with guesses, a series of trial-and-error searches that are repeated until you find a clue. Loggly takes a different approach: We index and parse all of your log data as we receive it so that you can see the most likely sources of trouble without conducting a single search. Our continuously refreshed catalog of all of the fields in your logs guides searching and helps you solve problems much faster.

Get the convenience of centralized logging now with Loggly and find out what else your logs can do. Sign up today for free!

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