Using Loggly for More Effective with Django Logging

Django takes a lot of hassle out of web application development, but setting up Django logging can be a bit tricky. The good news is that a log management solution like Loggly significantly enhances the effectiveness of Django logging for debugging and operational troubleshooting purposes.

Django uses Python’s built in logging module for system logging. Once your Django logs are generated and are sent to a local rsyslog daemon, Loggly can then collect them using syslog. (Advanced options are also available using the Python handler class.)  Loggly indexes all of your logs in near real-time and presents you with a single interface for searching, analyzing, and visualizing the data. Some of the powerful capabilities offered by Loggly’s cloud-based log management service are:

  • Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM, a user experience that provides an automated, real-time visual summary of what’s in your logs
  • Agentless log collection
  • Custom dashboards for tracking operational metrics and known areas of concern
  • Built-in alerting

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