Heroku App Logging and Automated Parsing

Stay on Top of Heroku App Health with Loggly

If you have Heroku apps, you understand the value of leveraging a high-performance cloud platform. If your app isn’t behaving as expected, your logs can tell you why. So why not take advantage of the most popular cloud-based, enterprise-class log management solution in conjunction with Heroku? You can try Loggly in a matter of minutes and get faster, better log analysis and trending.

Sending Heroku logs to Loggly is quick and easy. Loggly extracts individual fields from Heroku data logs without the need for developer intervention. Once these logs are parsed, you’ll have access to a bunch of deep data analytics and filtering capabilities with your Heroku logs.

Heroku logs are parsed into:

  • Timestamp – contains the data and time details
  • Source – contains Heroku source details
  • Dyno – contains the name of the dyno that wrote the log line
  • Message – contains the content of the log line

With Loggly managing your Heroku logs, you can gain insights from a top-level view of your logs, immediately spot anomalies, filter on individual fields or facets, sort events in a grid view, and also graph statistical trends based on time or value. To learn more about features of the Loggly product, visit our Product page. But better yet, start a free trial and find out for yourself!

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