Loggly Helps You Read Server Log Files

Instead of Reading Server Logs, Why Not Analyze Them?

Are you still reading your server logs yourself? With the massive log volumes that today’s cloud-centric applications generate, it’s not possible for humans to keep up. While it’s important to understand server log formats, you need an easy-to-use log management solution that can crunch through hundreds of thousands of log events per second and index them in near real-time. That’s how you find the log events you need to solve problems.

Loggly is cloud-based, and it employs agentless log collection, meaning that you don’t have to install proprietary software agents on each server. It supports Windows and Linux servers as well as many other log types. Loggly automatically parses common log types from applications, platforms, and systems and maps all of this data into navigable views through a user experience called Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM.

Other features of Loggly are:

  • Point-and-click trending graphs
  • Customized dashboards
  • Built-in alerting
  • Lucene-like search language and unlimited saved searches
  • Multiple data retention options to support time-series analysis

Use Loggly to read server log files for you and supply you with tools that help you gain insights and get answers. Sign up for a free trial to experience Loggly yourself.

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