Loggly – A Powerful Way to Analyze IIS Log Data

Not Just an IIS Log Analyzer but a New Way to Troubleshoot

If you’re looking for an IIS log analyzer, you understand the value of being able to extract insights from IIS log data. But why keep doing things the old way? It’s pretty tedious to do repeated trial-and-error search queries until you figure out where to look for a problem. Loggly does a lot of this hard work for you, indexing, parsing, organizing, and visualizing your IIS logs for you so that you can solve your operational issues faster.

Loggly does not require you to deploy proprietary software. The IIS log data is retrieved by Nxlog and converted into a structured JSON format. Loggly receives the structured format and parses it into individual fields so that you have a visual, clickable map to your logs that’s constantly being refreshed as new log data comes in and as you navigate through the logs. Top features of Loggly include:

  • Centralized logging across all of your servers and applications
  • Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM, a navigable summary of fields and field values
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Point-and-click trending graphs
  • Automatic archival to Amazon S3

Loggly helps you expose the hidden stories that your IIS logs have to tell on the performance and behavior of your website. It’s an IIS log analyzer and much more. And with no agents to install, it’s fast and easy to set up and try. You are just 30 seconds away from experiencing Loggly; sign up for a free trial now.

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