Simpler Log Management with Log Aggregators from Loggly

Maximize the Value of Log Aggregators

If you’re thinking about putting a log aggregator in place, you probably have a bunch of logs that you need to centralize and analyze. It’s true that life is simpler when you have your logs in one place, but extending your log aggregator with a cloud-based log management service like Loggly makes it even easier to solve operational problems with log data.

Loggly aggregates and indexes large volumes of log data sent by applications, platforms, and systems so that you can monitor for anomalies, quickly isolate relevant log events, and find solutions. It offers a rich set of log analysis capabilities that are easy to learn to use.

Top Log Aggregator Use Cases

Here are the top four use cases we see for using log aggregators with Loggly:

1. You have a large number of servers in your environment

2. You need to transmit logs reliably while maximizing performance for your application

3. You want to encrypt your logs before sending them to the cloud

4. You want to do log filtering before sending your logs to your log management service

Why Use Loggly with Your Log Aggregator?

Loggly is the only cloud-based log management solution that parses your log data as it’s received, not just when someone conducts a search. This means that our service can map the structure of your logs in near real-time, enabling you to browse your logs like you would shop for products online. This visual view guides you to where to look for operational problems and exposes issues that you didn’t even know to look for. In addition, you benefit from:

  • Agentless log collection
  • Comprehensive search capabilities with a simple query language
  • Automated event parsing for many log types
  • Customized operational dashboards
  • Built-in alerting
  • Point-and-click charting

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