Loggly Monitors IIS Logs in Real-Time

If you are running your web applications on IIS, you need to monitor your IIS logs if you want to spot errors before they affect customers. Manual log inspection of IIS logs is both laborious and error-prone; why not look for something much better? With Loggly’s cloud-based log management service, it’s easy to monitor your IIS logs in real-time and derive operational insights from them.

Loggly parses IIS logs that are sent via Nxlog into individual fields. Using Loggly’s powerful searches and filters, you can dive deeper into IIS log data. The key capabilities that Loggly offers are:

  • Centralized access to all of your log data
  • Customized dashboards
  • Point-and-click charting
  • Powerful search and filtering using a straightforward query language

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