Nginx Log Analyzer

Loggly Enables Real-Time Analysis of Nginx Server Log Data

If you use Nginx, its access and error logs can be really helpful when you’re trying to troubleshoot problems. Loggly gives you an easy, efficient way to monitor Nginx logs and use the data in them for troubleshooting, combining your analysis with context from logs captured across your stack.

You can send Nginx logs to Loggly via the default syslog daemon, saving you the effort of installing agents on each server. Loggly automatically extracts standard log variables as your Nginx logs are received by our cloud-based service. This allows the system to automatically summarize your data. For example, you can see the number of 4xx and 5xx status codes at a glance through Loggly Dynamic Field Explorer. You’ll get useful insights for troubleshooting without executing a single search on your log data.

The advantages of Loggly’s Nginx log analyzer solution are:

  • Automated parsing of standard as well as some custom log formats
  • Faster isolation and identification of log patterns with powerful log summaries, including time-series visualizations
  • Agent-free deployment

If you are looking for a log analysis solution that extracts valuable diagnostic information from Nginx logs (and many more) in real-time, try Loggly. Start using Loggly today for free!

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