Loggly’s Log Management System Enables Open Source Log File Monitoring

Loggly Offers an All-Cloud Log Management Service with Open Source Technologies

Looking to implement an effective solution for monitoring your logs that’s open and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? If you’re thinking about more than tailing your log files or building a better search function, you’ll see the value of Loggly. A cloud-based solution with top open source technologies such as ElasticSearch and Kafka under the covers, Loggly provides simple, reliable, and scalable log file monitoring services.

Loggly consolidates all your log data using an open approach rather than proprietary agents. It offers:

  • Real-time log summaries: Instead of relying on trial-and-error search to tell you where to look for a problem, Loggly builds a navigable map of your logs’ inherent structures. You’ll spot areas of interest and find things you wouldn’t know to look for. This is all possible because Loggly parses your logs as they are received.
  • Powerful Search and Filtering : Loggly offers a comprehensive set of search capabilities that are easy for developers to work with.
  • Trending graphs: Build pie, line, bar or column charts based on your log metrics. It’s all done via point and click.
  • Built-in-alerts: Loggly sends alerts via email or works with existing notification services like PagerDuty for escalation
  • Automatic archival to Amazon S3 buckets

See How the Loggly Value Stacks Up Against Open Source

Log file monitoring isn’t easy to do at scale. Going open source means that you’ll have someone working on a function that doesn’t make your own products any better, day in and day out. There’s a better way. And it just takes a few minutes to set up a full-featured free trial and evaluate Loggly against open source alternatives.

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