How To Improve Your Python Logging Performance

Are you worried about hard-to-find bugs in your Python code? Your Python logs probably have answers, but only if you can isolate the right log events. Loggly offers a much better way than inspecting logs visually. Our SaaS log analysis tool aggregates your Python logs and makes them immediately accessible for operational troubleshooting.

With Loggly, you don’t have to put agents on your servers; you can send Python logs to Loggly over syslog or over HTTP using our RESTful API. Loggly offers:

  • A single console for searching all of your log data
  • Built-in alerting
  • Point-and-click charts
  • Automatic archival to Amazon S3

Loggly’s cloud-based log management turns Python logging into an actionable way to improve system development and debugging.

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