Loggly All-Cloud Log Management Solutions Are an Alternative to Splunk

Do you want a log management solution that is always working hard so you that you can work smart? If you’re considering Splunk, you should also look at Loggly, the world’s most popular cloud-based, enterprise-class log management solution.

With Loggly, you don’t have to install or maintain any proprietary software on your servers because we collect your logs using existing open protocols like syslog and HTTP. Loggly indexes any kind of text-based log data from any source and automatically parses many log types for faster, deeper analysis. Some of the differentiating capabilities of Loggly include:

  1. Automated, real-time log summaries: Since Loggly parses log data as it’s received, it can generate visual summaries of the contents of your logs through Loggly Dynamic Field ExplorerTM.
  2. Simplicity: You don’t need reams of documentation or long training sessions to get your team productive with Loggly. In fact, anyone with some degree of technical skills can gain insights from log data.
  3. All-cloud deployment: Why install and maintain software when Loggly can do it all for you?
  4. Pay-as-you-go pricing: Purchase what you need now with the confidence that you won’t have to break your budget in the future.

You can bank on Loggly to help you solve your operational issues faster and more efficiently. Get started with our free trial, and our service will get right to work.

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