What Is IIS?

Loggly Extracts Operational Insights from IIS Log Files

Your IIS log files hold the key to improving the performance of your website, but only if you understand what they are saying at any point in time. You need Loggly, the world’s most popular cloud-based log management service. Loggly offers a smarter way to derive operational insights from log files.

With Loggly, you don’t need to log into different servers or machines to collect IIS log files. All IIS log file data is made accessible on a centralized interface. Loggly parses structured IIS log files into separate fields to facilitate search, filtering, trending, and analysis. You can use Loggly to:

  • Spot problems through in-depth analysis of log data
  • Build point-and-click charts and graphs that visualize trends
  • Search all of your log data, no matter where it originally resided
  • Archive to Amazon S3 automatically

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