What Is Tomcat?

Loggly Enables Real-Time Monitoring of Tomcat Logs

How easy is it for you to make sense of the data in your Tomcat logs? If you’re still relying on grep/awk/sed to solve operational problems, you’re probably finding it tough to keep up. Loggly’s cloud log management tools aggregate your Tomcat logs and present them through a single point of access along with your other application, platform, and system logs. Our customers save hours and days of troubleshooting time and are able to stay ahead of problems that could result in costly downtime.

You can send your Tomcat logs to Loggly using the default syslog daemon. No hassle of deploying proprietary agents or software! Loggly automatically parses and indexes Tomcat logs into individual fields for easier data exploration. Loggly provides:

  • A centralized console for viewing and accessing logs from the entire infrastructure
  • Search and filtering tools for instant isolation of log patterns
  • GUI chart creation, with multiple ways to visualize statistical values calculated on parsed fields
  • Customized dashboards built from charts and searches
  • Built-in alerting

Use Loggly’s free trial to see just how easy it is to gain operational insights from your Tomcat logs.

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