Don't gamble with logs

Loggly has re:Invented log management

  • Instant insight into your most common log events coupled with powerful search capabilities
  • Real-time dashboards, reports, trends, and built-in alerts
  • 100% cloud-scalable service

No agents needed! We accept any type of log from anywhere, including:

Log sources

“Log management is critical for running an operational service like a game. If we didn’t have Loggly, there would be days where our revenue would be affected by as much as 70 percent.”

Albert Ho, @albertho

Executive Producer/Product Manager for Platform at Rumble Entertainment

“Logging is not the meat of our business – analytics is. We want to be able to move really quickly on analytics, and we know that Loggly can do a much better job at log management than we can.”

Calvin French-Owen , @calvinfo

Co-founder at Segment

A few of our customers

Answer the Critical Questions That Keep Your Application Healthy

FInd Root Causes

"Why did our application go down? Why are transactions failing? Why is performance slow?"

Alert & Report on Errors

"How can I see the top errors or exceptions affecting my service? How will I know when there is a big spike in errors?"

Monitory for Performance Problems

"How is my technology stack performing? Is my site any slower than expected? Are transactions completing successfully?"

Trace Transactions & Requests

"Why did a high-value transaction fail? Which step of the transaction had a problem?"

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