Whether you’re running a website on Amazon EC2 with Auto Scaling, a microservices architecture on the Amazon EC2 Container Service, or serverless functions with AWS Lamba, Loggly can improve developer efficiency and operational effectiveness with a cohesive, full-stack view.

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Bring down mean time to resolution.

Loggly centralizes all types of logs from all AWS instances and automatically parses many logs as it ingests them. This generates real-time, navigable log summaries and triggers alerts based on log metrics. Loggly also lets you visualize searches interactively, drilling down into specific areas to find root causes. For example, Loggly can help you correlate log data with performance data in the same screen, providing useful insight into resource bottlenecks or unexpected service degradation.

Stay on top of your AWS application.

Loggly adds to your monitoring arsenal, giving you flexible dashboards and alerting on a range of key performance indicators within your logs.

Anyone with more than six or seven microservices in production on more than 20 servers simply must centralize the log data. Loggly is a no-brainer.

Mohit Khanna Senior Cloud Architect, Datami

Synergies with Amazon CloudWatch.

Amazon CloudWatch and Loggly complement each other as part of a comprehensive monitoring and troubleshooting system. You can easily send Amazon CloudWatch logs and metrics to Loggly to correlate with other data, extend your searching capabilities, and integrate into your DevOps workflows.

DevOps integrations.

In addition to working with a variety of AWS technologies, Loggly integrates with Atlassian JIRA, HipChat, New Relic, PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps, and other solutions in your DevOps toolchain.

Quick, agent-free setup.

Loggly provides easy configuration for dozens of log sources in our source setup wizard, without requiring you to install and maintain proprietary agents. In addition, Loggly can automatically download any object you create in Amazon S3, providing support for logs from Amazon ALB, Amazon ELB, and Amazon CloudFront, as well as  any uncompressed line-separated text files.

Learn more about AWS log sources.

  • Amazon CloudWatch

  • Amazon CloudWatch metrics

  • AWS Lambda

  • Amazon ELB

  • Amazon S3

  • AWS CloudFront

  • Amazon SQS

  • AWS CloudTrail

  • Amazon Config

  • Amazon SNS

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Take advantage of the cloud.

Loggly is a pure-SaaS solution that scales with you while keeping your costs in check. Let us take the hard, non-differentiating work of log management off your plate so that you can focus your development resources on growing your business.

Loggly is a completely managed service. We don’t even have to think about it.

Jeff Brown Software Platform and Operations Engineering, Vivint Solar

How Loggly works.

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